About Us

We value the idea of maintaining an open dialogue with our clients, this is a judgment-free salon; a place you can come and feel like you’re at home.

  • Laughing Crow is not an everyday salon.
  • Laughing Crow is a salon that focuses on the big picture.
  • Laughing Crow understands things take time and we are here for the long haul.
  • Laughing Crow makes changes to our world with every client who chooses to walk through our doors.

Laughing Crow Salon believes that health and beauty can be achieved with natural, toxin-free products. LCS also believes we can make a difference with our waste by recycling the hair clippings, the foils, the leftover color, and using environmentally safe products in all facets of our business. We are proud to be the area’s only salon that is a Bring Re: Think Business and to be exclusively organic in all areas.

LCS is constantly learning; traveling to places like France, and London, and San Francisco to gain the most knowledge about our products and techniques. LCS’s passion is people, motives are pure and we are in the business of changing lives!

How can Laughing Crow Salon change yours?

Laughing Crow Salon

Who Makes Up Laughing Crow


She brings five years of experience to the table along with a sense of responsibility to provide the most organic and sustainable services available. Kayla has a passion for learning and growing and is excited to be on this journey with you. She enjoys life with her two beautiful daughters and adoring husband. In her spare time, you’ll find Kayla at a nursery trying to decide which plants to take home. “I’ll take them all!” she says.

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